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Alliance Family Dentistry is a dental practice that also specializes in advanced cosmetic services that produce long-lasting results for all ages. We offer the latest technology and equipment to rejuvenate your appearance and well-being. Located in Naples, FL, Alliance Family Dentistry serves the surrounding area. Dr. Dasha Frias Landa is an accomplished dentist who is also highly trained in providing aesthetic treatments using the latest technology and equipment, such as the plasma application of the Alma Opus Plasma® and the Alma TED™ (trans-epidermal delivery) device for hair restoration. Her goal is to make sure you leave our facility feeling and looking your best.

The beauty of nature is not limited to the wonderful diversity of living organisms that inhabit the earth, but the many types of symbiotic relationships that they maintain during their existence. Dr. Frias Landa's preferred symbiotic relationship is mutualism.

In nature, a perfect example of mutualism is the way in which the plover bird and the crocodile work together for survival. Crocodiles do not have a tongue and their front legs are too short to reach their mouth. This means they cannot clean their own teeth. Fortunately, the plover bird flies into the crocodile's mouth to clean the food stuck in the crocodile's teeth, while harmoniously providing a fulfilling meal to the plover bird. The crocodile benefits from the plover bird cleaning the food from between its teeth, preventing future dental problems; while the plover bird benefits from the meal it acquired between the crocodile's teeth. Mutualism: It is a win-win!

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